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Love Life Event at Fervent Church!

Written by Claudia-Polczer Lauzon

2 minute read

This past Saturday, January 28th , several members from our team at Life Is For Everyone attended a powerful pro-life conference, called “Love Life”, at Fervent Church in Colorado Springs.

The event provided a great opportunity to connect with a variety of pro-life organizations, influential speakers, and event attendees. We were able to share with them about our vision and mission at L.I.F.E., our current goals and efforts, and how they can stay in contact with our team!

Our team arrived early at the Love Life event to set up our booth and start connecting with people before the conference segment of the event commenced. We were able to discuss our vision to educate and activate churches to be involved in the fight for life, as well as our plan to host conferences within different churches in Teller and El Paso County, in an
effort to fulfill this vision.

We also advertised our podcast, with host Grace Youngson, and sold some of our merchandise!

Once the conference began, we heard from several powerful speakers discussing a variety of topics impacting our society today, including school boards and curriculums, how we can make it possible for women to choose the life of their children, and our call to action to stop the massacre on human life happening before our eyes.

Christine Yeargin shared her powerful testimony of choosing the life of her child. She discussed how she supports women to choose the life of the children, and how we can be involved in making a way for mothers to raise their babies.

John K. Amanchukwu Sr. delivered an impactful message about the school system in America. He shared about the impact he is making to school boards across the nation, and his book “Eraced” which debunks the lies of critical race theory and abortion.

Finally, we heard from Seth Gruber, the CEO/Founder of The White Rose Resistance, who further stirred our hearts and called us to take action against the massacre of human lives happening before our eyes. He shared the true reality of abortion with us, and compared the genocide of the Holocaust with the killing of millions of unborn babies in our society.

We ended off the night with our President/Founder, Grace Youngson, interviewing the amazing Seth Gruber.

We are so thankful for this opportunity to glean wisdom and knowledge from these amazing men and women of God who have stepped up to their call of protecting life, and the opportunity to connect with so many people in the pro-life community!

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Seth Gruber!

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