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“Let’s Talk” Coming Soon!

“Let’s Talk!” Coming Soon!!

We have been working on something new here at Life Is For Everyone and we are very excited to share more about it!!

We recognize that the abortion issue ultimately in part comes back to an issue of young people lacking knowledge on how to navigate relationships and deal with the temptations that our world is throwing at them like never before.

It is a sad fact that 70 percent of women who have an abortion claim to be Christian and 43 percent were regularly attending church at the time of their abortion. 

As the church, I believe we have missed something for this to happen. I believe part of what we have missed is having conversations with young people about how to navigate relationships in a Godly way, especially when they are faced with so much pressure from the world to engage in relationships that do not honour God. Many Christian young people know that sex outside of marriage, for instance, is wrong, but many lack the knowledge of how to navigate temptation and need a place that answers their questions.

In addition to this, pornography is a huge issue that is destroying families and lives. And yes, sadly it is an issue in the church. 94% of children will see porn by the age of 14. Of young Christian adults, age 18-24, 76% actively search for porn, which is more accessible than ever with the internet era that we live in. 57% of pastors say that porn addiction is the most damaging issue in their church. A pornography addiction is a key cause for divorce and is enslaving our young people in its tentacles of addiction. Pornography destroys a person’s perception of what true love looks like, and feeds the urge to engage in sex outside of marriage. It also increases aggression and creates a feeling of isolation.

Abortion is not just an awful reality that we want to get rid of in society. It is the fruit of a deeper issue. The fact that society has resorted to killing its children tells us that something much deeper is wrong.

This is where our “Let’s Talk” Video testimonial series comes in. The heart behind this series is to bring up these ‘difficult to discuss’ issues in Church and share what God says about them. We have some amazing people lined up to share their testimonies of overcoming sexual temptation, pornography addiction, suicidal thoughts after rejection, and more. We want to create a place for young people to hear testimonies about these subjects. We do not want any young person to feel alone in what they are going through, and we want to give them the tools to flourish and overcome!!

We are so excited to be working on this series and believe that it is God-inspired and will impact many hearts and lives for generations!

We will keep you up to date as we are working behind the scenes, and plan to release “Let’s Talk Season 1” by September 2023!


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