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Our heart is to live in a world where motherhood is celebrated and every child (including the unborn) is treasured.

Almost 80% of women do not know where to find life-empowering support when finding themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, but instead only know where to get an abortion, which is sold as a simple fix – a total lie. This is a problem – a problem that we are going to change.

We are working to spread the word in media and through local relationships that help is out there – there are over 2,000 pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide!

Abortion capitalizes on our society’s most vulnerable – women and children.

We can offer children more than death for being inconvenient and mothers more than the trauma and destruction that comes with abortion.

At the heart of our pro-life stance are women and children. We believe they deserve better than abortion. We feel compelled to take action to protect them against this evil since that is the heart that Jesus has. We believe that love is the answer – the love that Jesus has shown each one of us by sacrificing His life for ours.

Our strategy to make abortion non-existent



Form strategic partnerships with businesses, churches, and influencers to become a voice for the support available to women.



Focus on changing media so that it celebrates motherhood and treasures children, rather than the opposite.


Local focus

As well as focusing nationally, grow local groups that transform their communities and repeat this process across the US and the world.

Introducing the Girls Hub!

The L.I.F.E. Girls Hub is a place where women can find community, life-empowering pregnancy resources, and a positive view of motherhood and family.

This hub is our response to the need for community and support to help women choose life.

This year we are going to be working on expanding our hub and its resources, growing our reach by partnering with businesses and influencers, and also starting our girls only podcast, which will share true stories that inspire hope!

Our future vision for this hub is for it to become well-known across the US, so that no woman fells like abortion is her only option. The impact of this is going to be groundbreaking, given that the number one reason that women procure abortions is because they feel a lack of support or knowledge about their options. 

And YOU can be a part of making this a reality!! Click below to donate or partner with us monthly!

Life Is For Everyone, Inc. Is a Registered Colorado Non-Profit Corporation
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