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CHOZEN: For What?

A Youth Event on Identity and Purpose

CHOZEN enabled us to change a group of young people’s lives forever with the power of God’s love and purpose He has placed on each of their lives.

In March, our team worked together to organize a youth event at Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs.

We taught young people about their true identity in Christ, planting seeds for wise decision-making and transformation.

This event was very exciting for us as we witnessed our vision at L.I.F.E. – to spread the message of honour and value for every life – become a reality.

Event Planning & Organizing 

Once we had this objective in mind, we started planning the event. The title we chose conveyed the main goal of the event, while the graphic design and theme we developed attracted teens to our event by portraying the fun and upbeat experience we would create.

The title we developed – “CHOZEN” – perfectly communicated the message of identity and purpose to the targeted youth. What does it mean to be chosen by God? What am I chosen for? The tagline “For What?” urged youth to question what they are chosen for, and invited them to discover it through attending CHOZEN.

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

1 Peter 2:9

We advertised CHOZEN in numerous ways to attract as many teens as possible. We printed attractive flyers, which we handed out at shopping malls, clothing stores, food places, bowling alleys, arcades and such like. We also gave businesses stacks of flyers to display for their customers, and larger posters, which could be displayed in their store fronts.

We appealed to youth by advertising the free event on Instagram and Facebook, with different videos and pictures showing what the event would entail and the different attractions that would be included, such as the free taco bar, games, and the live concert!

Our team at LIFE prayed together regularly over the entire event, so that we would become cohesive in our collective vision and efforts, and so that God would provide everything we needed.

God was so faithful in providing for us that we only spent a fraction of the actual budget we set!

Not only did Church For All Nations lend us their youth auditorium, but one generous donor paid for enough tacos, beverages, and cookies for 200 people! Patsy’s Candies donated a huge box of salt water taffies, and 200 CHOZEN stickers were donated by Tri Lakes Printing! The $200 cash giveaway and other expenses were also fully covered by donations!

The success of financing the entire event, primarily through donations, was a witness to us of God’s faithfulness and His hand upon what we were doing.

We were blessed with a team of volunteers excited and ready to help with preparations for the event, as well as serve during the day of the event. They served to make our vision a reality, and worked tirelessly to make CHOZEN as professional and organized as possible. They served food, connected with the youth, and brought even more meaning to the event for each individual attendee.

After food and games, two Christian singers/songwriters affiliated with CFAN church performed some of their original songs in concert-style for the youth at CHOZEN. The room lit up when “Raging Moses” and Darmea performed their songs about their new found lives in Christ.

Two of our own members, including Grace Youngson, and Silas Beck shared their personal stories of how God transformed their lives, allowing them to discover their true identities and the predestined purposes that God has given them. Their testimonies were encouraging and inspirational to the young attendees, demonstrating the power of God to make lives new.

We were also privileged to have Javier Marcias, youth pastor at Charis Christian Center, as our guest speaker. He shared a life-changing message with the youth at CHOZEN about what the Word of God really says about their identity in Christ, and how God has chosen them and given His life for them to be made new. 

This teaching, as well as the entire event, led many of the young adults attending to take the next step towards transformation in their lives.

How CHOZEN Ties In with L.I.F.E.’s Vision & Mission

We believe that a lack of identity or a poor perception of one’s identity is a core factor that leads to abortion. When children are raised without an understanding of their identity in Christ, they are more susceptible in their youth and adulthood to making poor decisions that harm themselves and/or others. For instance, having sexual relations with someone outside of marriage, often results in the conception of an unplanned child, and oftentimes, the killing of that child through abortion.

We are passionate about educating young people to know their identity in Christ, so they can make wise decisions that honour and value their own lives, as well as the lives around them.

The Chozen event that we organized and hosted was a significant landmark for our team, as it not only led young people to the truth of who they are in Christ, but we believe will also prevent future abortions by teaching the value of every life, which is our primary vision and mission at LIFE.

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