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Dear Pastor, We are so glad you are here!

Our heart is to serve you as you navigate approaching the subject of abortion in church and reaching out to help those who are struggling.


We have put together a collection of resources just for you, which you will find below.

It’s easy to create a life-empowering culture at your church!


We have created flyers which can be placed in the women’s bathrooms and other places so that no woman in your church feels alone in her struggle.


These direct women to our online girls hub where they can find information about life-affirming support and care to help them choose life.


To get these delivered to your church for free, please email us at:

Feeling stuck on how to approach the subject of abortion with your congregation?


We have put together a short, simple guide to help you navigate this in truth and love.

Parents and Youth


We are currently putting together a hub of resources for parents and youth to be able to teach and learn about the sanctity of life, purity, and how to live a Godly life in today’s world!

Advice from fellow pastors

We are going to be interviewing some pastors who have experience sharing on this subject with their congregations and creating a life-empowering environment in their churches to answer some of the questions and concerns that pastors are facing in this area.

Check back for these interviews very soon! 

Blogs written for pastors

Here are links to some useful blogs written especially for you!

Coming soon!

Book us to come and speak at your church!


We would love to come and share more about how your members can get involved in what we are doing and are available for bookings to come and speak.


Please email us at: to organize this.



We would love to hear from you!


Email us at: